Top things to do

Bulgarian in Chepelare

Vienski Salon

Not quite a 'Viennese salon', as the name suggests, but this unfussy spot serves everything from breakfast banitsa (cheese pastry) to Rodopi specialities such as grilled fish, through to pizza and syrupy baklava. It…
Museum in Chepelare

Museum of Skis

Witness the sporting glory of Chepelare's skiing heroes at this tiny museum packed with trophies, gear and photos of locals winning medals. It's opposite the main square.
Museum in Chepelare

Museum of Speleology & Karst

Minerals, bottled bats, and the remains of ancient cave-dwelling animals such as lions and bears are exhibited in this small museum, along with displays on the Trigrad and Yagodina caves. Geologists might be gripped…