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$80.80 Day Trips & Excursions

Lovech and Krushunski Waterfalls Full-Day Tour from Sofia

After hotel pickup in Sofia, set off on your full-day tour by traveling northeastward into rural Bulgaria to Lovech, he site of one of the country’s oldest settlements.In and around the 12th century, Lovech was a strategically important military stronghold, set on the right bank of the River Osam where its oldest quarter, Varosha, stands now. During the 13th and the 14th centuries, it grew to become one of the biggest towns and fortresses in northern Bulgaria, and boasted the economic prosperity to match.Later, when the country fell to the Ottoman Empire, Lovech became a center for the Bulgarian national liberation movement. So much so, that Bulgarian national hero Vassil Levski established his headquarters here, cementing the town’s status as the country’s revolutionary capital.Nowadays, Lovech has established itself as fascinating cultural and tourism center, attracting visitors who come to admire its monuments, distinctive architecture, and uniquely beautiful natural surroundings.On arrival, admire Varosha’s stone-and-wooden Bulgarian National Revival architecture, and visit the the Lovech Ethnographical Museum. Head inside its two mid-19th-century buildings to explore the exhibits on traditional Bulgarian life, customs, and furniture, and the cellar displays of wine making equipment.Next, set out to see Hisar Fortress, perched on a steep hill overlooking Lovech, and one of Bulgaria's few remaining Ottoman citadels. Take in the extensive ruins of mortar and crushed limestone walls that date from the 8th to the 10th centuries and that lie sprawled across the 12,916 square foot (1,200 square meter) site.Stop, too, to admire another of Lovech’s highlights — the Covered Bridge — the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Constructed on stone foundations, this splendid dark-wood bridge was built by renowned Bulgarian architect Kolyu Ficheto between 1874 and 1876, and is lined with craft and art shops.After exploring here, continue to the Krushunski Waterfalls, one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful natural landmarks and located just 22 miles (35 kilometers) northeast of Lovech in the Maarata area.On arrival, follow the eco-footpaths through the enchanting setting of the falls, crossing more than 15 bridges and passing by lush slopes, pools, and caves. Stop to admire the fairy tale-like cascades and travertine terraces, and then return to Sofia where your tour finishes at your hotel.

$57.72 Day Trips & Excursions

Tour to Lovech, Devetaki cave & Krushuna waterfalls

The city of Lovech is located in northern Bulgaria, approximately 150 km from Sofia. It was continuously inhabited since Thracian times. One of the main sites of Lovech is The Hisarya Fortress, built during the First Bulgarian Empire (681-1018 CE). The city kept its importance during the time of the Second Bulgarian Empire as well. Lovech continued to develop in the period of Ottoman rule and become most significant commercial centers in the country. Highlights from this period is Varosha Quarter- reserve located in the old part of the town. It includes more than 160 restored houses which help create an authentic atmosphere carrying visitors back to those 19th century days.18 km northeast of Lovech is located Devetashka Cave - a picturesque karst cave. According to archeological research, it sheltered people since the late Paleolithic era. The cave is a protected landmark of national and international significance and has been declared a monument of culture.Krushuna Waterfalls (approx. 16 km from Devetashka cave) is one of the biggest cascades in the country, dropping at a height of 20m. A narrow eco-path will take you up steps, along several bridges, passing small natural water pools amongst the mossy, limestone rocks.Itinerary: The tour starts with pick up from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia. After approximately 2 hours’ drive we will reach Lovech. There we will start exploring the old quarter of the city. We will walk through the cobbled small streets and travel back in time, admiring the typical XIX century houses. We will pay attention to Vassil Levski Museum. We will continue our walk to The Hisarya Fortress. The last site in the town to which will pay attention is the famous Covered Bridge – a masterpiece of Bulgarian architecture, built by Master Kolio Ficheto. We will continue our trip to our next stop- Devetashka Cave.The drive will take approx. 20 min. There we will have some time to walk around the stunning cave and we will proceed to Krushuna Waterfalls (20 min drive from Devetashka cave). Before we drive back to Sofia you can add one more stop (optional) to Krushuna waterfalls (a unique natural wonder where we can make an amazing walk through the beautiful forest and along the stream that has formed beautiful cascade of blue waterfalls.), 30 min away from Devetaki cave. The tour ends with drop off at you hotel/accommodation.

$51.94 Day Trips & Excursions

3 Caves tour - Saeva dupka , Eyes of God cave & Devetashka Cave

Saeva dupka is located near the village of Brestnitsa, in Lovech region. It is well laid out and accessible for tourists. Saeva Dupka cave consists of 400 meters of corridors and 5 galleries, the largest of which is Srutishte hall (Demolished). Another interesting gallery is The Harmana. It has such excellent acoustic that often concerts are held in it. The cave is very beautiful - it contains all kinds of cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, sinter lakes, draperies, etc. The circuit of the halls leads around the largest stone column found so far in Bulgaria.Prohodna cave is one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria. It is located near the village of Karlukovo, approximately 115 kilometers from Sofia. The cave is 262 meters long and it is naturally illuminated by two huge openings in the ceiling (result of natural erosive forces) which resemble eyes. Because of this the cave is also known as “The Eyes of God”. Prohodna cave has 2 entrances – a small one and a big one. The large entrance is 45 meters high – the highest in Bulgaria.Devetashka Cave is located 18 km northeast of Lovech. It is a picturesque karst cave, 2442 meters long and 60 meters high. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria full of stories from the "Cold War" to Holywood productions. According to archeological research, it sheltered people since the late Paleolithic era. The cave is a protected landmark of national and international significance and has been declared a monument of culture. The cave is naturally illuminated by several holes in the ceiling.