Top Choice International in Burgas


Choose from a wide menu of grilled meats and fish, including a superlative lamb-shank offering, or fresh pasta, at this superb restaurant in the city centre. Finish off with a cake or homemade ice cream. Rosé also d…
Top Choice Seafood in Burgas


This downtown restaurant does splendid things with seafood: the Black Sea mussels alone are worth a trip to Burgas. With inviting blue-and-white surrounds that recall the city's Greek heritage, superb (English-speak…
Vegetarian in Burgas


One of the few vegetarian-only restaurants in town, clean and upbeat Satsanga does a full range of international veg hits, drawing inspiration from Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking. The friendly owner is a …
Italian in Burgas


Conveniently located at the entrance to Maritime Park, this casual, vaguely Italian restaurant is not as fancy as it looks at first glance. The pizzas are considered among the best in town, but it also offers seafoo…
Bulgarian in Burgas


Standing on the seafront overlooking the beach, this traditional wood-cabin affair is consistently packed out with locals. Good value specialities include grilled fish, barbecues, steaks and salads.
Cafeteria in Burgas


Cheap, self-service, cafeteria-style chain offering simple but filling fare such as sausages, salads and stews. There are some outdoor tables and it also serves beer.