Live Music in Plovdiv


This two-storey place is one of Kapana’s best for live music. Split across a bar and a live-music venue, Marmalad hosts rock bands, karaoke, retro-themed nights and DJ sets.
Opera in Plovdiv

State Opera House

Classic and modern European operas are performed in Bulgarian at this distinguished hall. Check the website for performances at other venues, including at Plovdiv's Roman Amphitheatre.
Theatre in Plovdiv

Nikolai Masalitinov Dramatic Theatre

This historic theatre, dating to 1881, is one of the best in Bulgaria, and features Bulgarian-language performances ranging from Shakespeare and Greek tragedy to modern drama.
Cinema in Plovdiv

Lucky House of Cinema

Watch foreign films in their original languages (with Bulgarian subtitles) at this cinema near Tsar Simeon park.
Cinema in Plovdiv

Kino Eccoplexx

Hollywood blockbusters dominate the program of this movie theatre, 1km west of the old town.
Cinema in Plovdiv

Faces Cinema

See recent foreign films in original languages (with Bulgarian subtitles) at this cinema, 3km southwest of Plovdiv's old town in the Trakiya neighbourhood.