Top Choice Museum in Varna

Archaeological Museum

Exhibits at this vast museum, the best of its kind in Bulgaria, include 6000-year-old bangles, necklaces and earrings said to be the oldest worked gold found in the world. You'll also find Roman surgical implements,…
Top Choice Palace in Balchik

Summer Palace of Queen Marie & Botanical Gardens

At the far western end of the seafront, this palace was completed in 1926 by King Ferdinand of Romania for his English wife, Queen Marie, when Balchik was part of Romania. Size-wise, it's a relatively modest villa, …
Ruins in Nesebâr

Archangels Michael & Gabriel Church

This 13th-century ruin shows off some beautiful exterior decoration. The arches of the church are underscored by striking green-glazed plates.
Ruins in Nesebâr

Basilica of the Holy Mother Eleusa

Overlooking the sea, the Basilica of the Holy Mother Eleusa dates from the 6th century, and later became a monastery. The fortified tower alongside it was built as a response to pirate raids along the coast; eventua…
Ruins in Nesebâr

Byzantine Baths

Below ground level just behind the Sveti Spas Church are the partly excavated remains of a 6th-century Byzantine baths complex. Though not much to look at now, in its day this was one of the region’s biggest and bes…
Church in Nesebâr

Christ Pantokrator Church

Typical of the characteristic Nesebâr construction is this well-preserved church, built in the mid-14th century. An unusual feature at the eastern end of the exterior of the church is the frieze of swastikas, an anc…
Church in Nesebâr

Church of St John the Baptist

The Church of St John the Baptist was built in the 10th century and features some of the best -preserved murals from the 14th and 17th centuries. The church is built on the foundations of an earlier church from the …
Ruins in Nesebâr

St John Aliturgetos Church

Overlooking the harbour to the south, this earthquake-battered building is set on a cliff and provides a picturesque setting for summertime concerts.
Church in Nesebâr

Sveta Bogoroditsa Church

This relatively plain 19th-century church is the only functioning one in town and modestly dressed visitors are welcome. (Shawls are provided at the entrance for bare-armed women.) The typically colourful interior i…
Church in Nesebâr

Sveta Paraskeva Church

With only one nave and one apse, the Sveta Paraskeva Church is a fine example of 13th-century architecture. The church now houses a small exhibition of murals that have survived through the ages, including some from…