Black Sea Coast attractions

Top Choice Museum in Varna

Archaeological Museum

Exhibits at this vast museum, the best of its kind in Bulgaria, include 6000-year-old bangles, necklaces and earrings said to be the oldest worked gold found in the world. You'll also find Roman surgical implements,…
Top Choice Palace in Balchik

Summer Palace of Queen Marie & Botanical Gardens

At the far western end of the seafront, this palace was completed in 1926 by King Ferdinand of Romania for his English wife, Queen Marie, when Balchik was part of Romania. Size-wise, it's a relatively modest villa, …
Bird Sanctuary in Burgas

Poda Conservation Centre

Four lakes surrounding Burgas (Pomoriysko, Atanasovsko, Mandrensko and Burgasko) comprise 9500 hectares and represent the largest wetland system in Bulgaria. The area is home to some 260 bird species, nearly 70% of …
Island in Burgas

St Anastasia Island

This small volcanic island makes for a fun day of exploring. The island, which has served as a religious retreat, a prison and pirate bait (according to legend, a golden treasure is buried in its sands), is today do…
Ruins in Varna

Roman Thermae

The well-preserved ruins of Varna's 2nd-century-AD Roman Thermae are the largest in Bulgaria and the fourth-largest of their kind in Europe. Visitors are allowed to clamber around the various chambers of the bath co…
Museum in Balchik

Historical Museum

The diverse collection here includes valuable remnants from excavations carried out at the nearby Kibela (Cybele) Temple (referred to at the museum as the 'Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods'), which dates back to …
Park in Varna

Primorski Park

Established in 1878, this large and attractive green space, overlooking the sea, stretches for about 8km and is said to be the largest of its kind in Europe. It’s full of promenading families and old women knitting …
Church in Varna

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

Varna's cathedral (1886) is topped with golden onion domes. Note the murals (painted in 1950) and colourful stained-glass windows, though you'll have to pay 5 lv if you want to take photos inside.
Nature Reserve in Black Sea Coast

Kaliakra Nature Reserve

This 687-hectare reserve covers nearly the whole of Kaliakra Cape, a 2km-long headland that juts into the Black Sea 13km southeast of Kavarna. Visitors come to bird-watch (the period from August to October is fruitf…
Nature Reserve in Black Sea Coast

Ropotamo Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is located 10km south of Sozopol, along the main road to Primorsko. Visitors can hike or picnic, but most come for a 30- to 40-minute slow boat ride along the Ropotamo River. To get to the parkla…