Top Choice Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Dedo Pene

This homespun eatery in a 19th-century stone building is decked out with classic Balkan trimmings such as crimson tablecloths and nostalgic crockery. It serves a predictable but thoroughly satisfying range of soups,…
Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Kasapinova Kâshta

This 18th-century inn, just southeast of the main square, once entertained Bulgarian revolutionaries. These days it's hungry hikers and skiers who file in for excellent barbecue. Atmospheric touches include colourfu…
Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Vodenitsata

A traditional Bulgarian restaurant just west of pl Vaptsarov, the Vodenitsata offers hearty portions and live music. Barbecue is a speciality, and the place is popular with locals and visitors alike. It's open irreg…
Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Tumbeva Kâshta

A small and friendly bar and grill, the Tumbeva Kâshta rests in a secluded garden between the two central squares.