Top Choice Palace in Balchik

Summer Palace of Queen Marie & Botanical Gardens

At the far western end of the seafront, this palace was completed in 1926 by King Ferdinand of Romania for his English wife, Queen Marie, when Balchik was part of Romania. Size-wise, it's a relatively modest villa, …
Museum in Balchik

Historical Museum

The diverse collection here includes valuable remnants from excavations carried out at the nearby Kibela (Cybele) Temple (referred to at the museum as the 'Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods'), which dates back to …
Museum in Balchik

Ethnographic Museum

This museum features folk costumes, housewares and jewellery, as well as displays relating to traditional trades and crafts such as fishing, barrel-making and woodcarving.
Gallery in Balchik

Art Gallery

The permanent collection of this gallery holds about 1500 works of art from Bulgarian and foreign artists, though the main draws tend to be the highly interesting rotating exhibitions, such as a recent exhibit on Sc…