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The shaded terrace of this hotel-restaurant peers over some of the finest forest views in Arbanasi. Service is prompt, the decor has traditional wooden furnishings and crimson tablecloths and the menu has a sumptuou…
Church in Arbanasi

Nativity Church

The five chambers in Arbanasi's oldest surviving church are covered in kaleidoscopic frescoes (dating between 1632 and 1649), featuring a pantheon of saints and moving depictions of Mary and Christ. Lower walls depi…
Museum in Arbanasi

Konstantsalieva House

Explore a venerable 17th-century house and learn how Arbanasi's well-heeled residents prospered during Bulgaria's Revival Period, sipping coffee from silver cups and donning fox-skin coats and silks to show up their…
Bulgarian in Arbanasi

Mehana Arbat

With a prime location on Arbanasi's main road, this cosy mehana serves juicy local sausage, grilled meats and veggies, plus slow-roasted lamb specialities.
Church in Arbanasi

Church of Sveti Arhangeli Mikhail & Gavril

Dark-eyed saints with gold haloes glower down from every painted arch inside this 16th-century church, built over a ruined medieval building. The wooden iconostases were carved by Tryavna artisans. Unusually, photog…
Monastery in Arbanasi

Sveta Bogoroditsa Monastery

The church at this silver-domed working monastery in Arbanasi houses a purportedly miracle-working icon of Mary.
Monastery in Arbanasi

Sveti Nikolai Monastery

A working monastery, hugged by woodland, at the southern end of Arbanasi.