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Private Half Day Trip to Snagov Monastery and Mogosoaia Palace from Bucharest

This private half day trip outside of Bucharest it's the best way to discover and learn more about Snagov Monastery from the 14th century, the place where Vlad the Impaler Dracula is believed to be buried and Mogosoaia Palace, a true jewel of architecture built in Romanian Renaissance style or Brancovenesc style in the beginning of the 18th century.
5 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Bucharest and Beyond Private Full-Day Tour

This private full day tour will offer you the opportunity to visit Bucharest's most important landmarks and its surroundings. The city, once called "Little Paris" will welcome you with its "Belle Époque" perfume in the restored Old City center with 17th Century old churches and Palaces built in French style. But also make sure you witness the contrasts of the buildings/churches mentioned with the communist blocks and the very modern glass sky scrapers in the business office areas.We shall visit the inside of the famous Palace of Parliament and the Village Museum and also Snagov Monastery, where Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula) is thought to be buried along with Mogosoaia Palace, built by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu between 1698 -1702.
8 hours
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Bucharest-Dracula's Tomb and Mogosoaia Palace

Thea death of Prince Vlad Tepes is barely mentioned in the historic documents of the epoch.Neverthless,there are several hypotheses.Acording to the most popular one,Vlad Tepes was killed in a battle against the Turks,near Bucharest,in December 1476.
4 hours
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Bucharest Surroundings Half Day Tour

Bucharest is indeed a fascinating city for anyone crossing its borders. But there is more to see here then just the old town. We invite you on a discovery trip right next to capital city, where more beautiful sights and attractions await, such as the enchanting Palace from Mogosoaia, or the silent and modest monastery of Snagov…
5 hours
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Small Group Tour to Mogosoaia Palace Snagov and Caldarusani Monasteries from Bucharest

Discover the beautiful surroundings of Bucharest and visit three of the most important and appreciated tourist objectives: Mogosoaia Palace, an over 300 year old palace located in a charming and very large park; Snagov Monastery, which became so famous thanks to the Legend of Dracula as, according to local stories, it is believed that in the monastery, Vlad the Impaler has his grave and the beautiful Caldarusani Monastery, one of the oldest and largest Orthodox Monasteries in Wallachia.
5 hours