Opening Hours

On Fridays all businesses and offices, including restaurants, cafes, museums, shops and even parks, are closed by law between noon and 2pm for Friday prayers. During Ramadan, business and office hours are often shortened and restaurants are closed during daylight hours.

Banks 9am–4pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-noon and 2pm–4pm Friday, 9am to 11am Saturday

Restaurants Variable hours, generally 11am–11pm Saturday to Thursday, 11am-noon and 2pm–11pm Friday

Cafes Variable hours, generally 8am–6pm Saturday to Thursday, 8am-noon and 2pm–6pm Friday

Shops 10am–9.30pm Saturday to Thursday, 10am-noon and 2pm–9.30pm Friday

Government offices 7.45am–12.15pm and 1.30pm–4.30pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday