Bangar restaurants

Bruneian in Bangar

Afsara Restaurant

The pick of Bangar eateries, Afsara is responsible for excellent roti kosong – flaky without being greasy – with a dhal and a curry to dip it into, as well as murtabak (filled roti) and an assortment of fried-noodle…
Malaysian in Bangar

RR Max Cafe

This cafe north of the jetty has inexpensive meals, such as nasi katok (B$1) and egg (B$3) or tuna (B$2.50) sandwiches and fresh fruit juice (B$3.50). The owners are also very helpful with travellers new to Bangar.
Hawker in Bangar

Food Court

Head up the stairs from the small shopping mall to find half-a-dozen good-value Malay food stalls.
Market in Bangar

Produce Market

Fruit and vegetables and snacks such as delicious fried bananas (B$1 a bag).