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There are flights from Brunei International Airport to Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, China, Dubai, Korea and Singapore.


Temburong District

Although a state-of-the-art bridge is being built that will link Muara and Temburong (by 2020), for the time being the fastest way to get to Bangar is by speedboat (B$7, 45 minutes, at least hourly from 6am to at least 4.30pm – later on Sundays). The dock is near the Sungai Kebun bridge, about 1.5km southeast of the centre.


BSB’s carbon-monoxide-choked bus terminal is on the ground floor of a multistorey parking complex two blocks north of the waterfront. It is used by domestic lines, including those to Muara, Seria, Tutong and Kuala Lurah, but not to Sabah or Sarawak. Schematic signs next to each numbered berth show the route of each line.

A Jesselton Express departs from the waterfront at 8am daily for Kota Kinabalu (B$45, 8½ hours), stopping in Limbang, Bangar, Lawas and various towns in Sabah.

The PHLS Express leaves BSB waterfront (near Sungai Kianggeh) at 7am and 1pm and stops in Tutong (B$5), Seria (B$6) and Kuala Belait (B$6) en route to Miri, Sarawak.