Gifts & Souvenirs in Road Town

Sunny Caribbee Spice Shop

It’s a favorite for its colorful array of island-made seasonings such as ‘rum peppers’ and ‘mango magic.’ Spices are also packaged as hangover cures and bad-spirit repellents.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Road Town

Pusser’s Company Store

Adjoining Pusser’s Pub, this shop sells logo clothing and accessories, as well as bottles of Pusser’s Rum – the blend served on Her Majesty’s Royal Navy ships for more than 300 years.
Market in Road Town

Crafts Alive Market

Vendors sell the usual T-shirts, beach towels, sun dresses and tourist trinkets from a cluster of colorful huts.
Books in Road Town

Serendipity Books

It stocks an excellent selection of adult and children’s books, including works by West Indian and BVI authors.