US dollar (US$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$150

  • Campsite or small guesthouse room: US$30–100
  • Taxis: US$5–30
  • Sandwiches and bakery items: US$10–20

Midrange: US$150–350

  • Double room in a hotel: US$150–250
  • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: US$25–75
  • Rental car: US$70–90
  • Half-day kayak rental or tour: US$40–50

Top end: More than US$350

  • Fancy resort room: from US$300
  • Three-course meal in a top restaurant: US$60–100
  • Two-tank dive or day sail tour: US$120


Gentle haggling is common in markets. In all other instances, you're expected to pay the stated price.