Beach in East End

Loblolly Bay Beach

Loblolly is an idyllic stretch of sand with a few bars, fixed umbrellas for shade, a shower (US$3), and snorkel-gear rental (US$10 per day) at bar-restaurant Big Bamboo. You can swim over a widespread area with...

Beach in East End

Flash of Beauty

Flash of Beauty is just east of Loblolly Bay Beach. With perfect white sand and deep turquoise water, it certainly lives up to its name. There’s a bar-restaurant, and nifty snorkeling over a compact area of big...

Caribbean in East End

Big Bamboo

Diane Levons’ tiki-esque restaurant-bar is on the beach at Loblolly Bay’s western end and always packs a crowd. It specializes in island recipes for lobster (US$40 to US$50), fish and chicken.

Wildlife Reserve in East End

Anegada Iguana Headstart Facility

The Parks Trust started this facility because feral cats were eating the island’s baby iguanas, endangering the rare species. Workers now bring the babies to the nursery’s cages to grow safely. After two years...

Natural Feature in East End

Conch Shell Mounds

You'll find thousands of conch shells on island-like mounds off the East End of Anegada. These human-made features are testament to the island's Amerindian heritage and are believed to have grown over hundreds of...

Caribbean in East End

Flash of Beauty Restaurant

After you finish snorkeling the waters out front, climb onshore to Flash of Beauty's bar-restaurant, where owner Monica awaits with spicy rotis, curried conch and lobster (US$45). Staff members make a mean...

Museum in East End

Faulkner House Museum

No, this museum has nothing to do with the American Nobel laureate. It's dedicated to Theodolph Faulkner, a political activist who led the charge to establish a new legislative council in the BVI in 1950. Located...