Top things to do

Pizza in Xapuri

Pizzaria Tribos

One of a handful of kiosks in a small park a block off the main plaza, Tribos serves up tasty pizzas at small outdoor tables and gets kudos for playing a nice mix of international rock.
Historic Building in Xapuri

Casa Chico Mendes

This simple wood house is where Chico Mendes lived with his family until his murder on the back steps in 1988. Tours include a graphic description of the moment he was shot, with bloodstains still on the walls. Acro…
Museum in Xapuri

Museu do Xapuri

This small but interesting museum tells how Xapuri, located at the confluence of two rivers, was once a major transport hub for rubber, nuts, wood and other products, and a favorite of Middle Eastern merchants peddl…
Bar in Xapuri

Bebum Bar

In a park off the main plaza, this kiosk is a popular watering hole for Xapuri’s young and restless.