Palace in Vitória

Anchieta Palace

Vitória’s grandest historic building is this former Jesuit college and church, now the seat of state government. Free 40-minute guided tours include the original 16th-century foundations, artifacts discovered...

Convent in Vitória

Convento da Penha

This 16th-century convent atop the densely forested Morro da Penha is a must-see. The panoramic city views are magnificent, and the chapel (founded in 1558) isn’t too bad either. It’s a major pilgrimage...

Beach in Vitória

Praia da Costa

This Vila Velha beach is the city’s nicest. It has fewer hotels and restaurants than Camburí, but you can swim and bodysurf. Keep a close eye on the horizon – huge supertankers often pop up with surprising speed!

Beach in Vitória

Praia do Camburí

This 5km stretch of beach is punctuated by kiosks, restaurants, nightspots and midrange hotels. Don’t swim near the bridge – it’s polluted.

Park in Vitória

Parque Moscoso

Capixabas like to walk and relax in the leafy Parque Moscoso, just west of the city center.