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Top Choice Mediterranean in Visconde de Mauá

Rosmarinus Officinalis

Food and setting are equally enticing at this sweet little house in the woods between Mauá and Maringá. Sporting a gorgeous new riverside deck, it's surrounded by meticulously tended gardens that provide veggies and…
International in Visconde de Mauá


Perched 3.5km up a mountainside along a steep, tortuous dirt road, this intimate glass-walled restaurant serves up divine views and refined international cuisine, from risotto and homemade fettuccine to lamb, duck a…
Pizza in Visconde de Mauá

Zorba Budda

A Mauá institution for over two decades, this pumpkin-colored pizzeria serves two dozen varieties of wood-fired, thin-crusted beauties. Perennial favorites include the montanhesa (with locally smoked trout), the cal…
Brazilian in Visconde de Mauá

Le Petit

Founded in the 1980s as a place for locals to sip beer while waiting to use Maringá’s lone public phone, this cozy eatery remains popular for its unhurried, convivial atmosphere and its inspired treatments of the va…
Food & Drink in Visconde de Mauá

Concurso Gastronômico

Since 1996, Mauá has hosted a May culinary festival, the Concurso Gastronômico, with special emphasis on the local trout and pinhões, giant nuts from the native araucária trees.
Waterfall in Visconde de Mauá

Cachoeira Santa Clara

Among the nicest and most accessible of Mauá’s dozen or so waterfalls, this one is a 10-minute drive or a 40-minute walk northwest of Alto Maringá on the Ribeirão Santa Clara. Cross the bridge to Minas Gerais about …
Waterfall in Visconde de Mauá

Cachoeira Veu de Noiva

This very beautiful waterfall is 300m south of the main road, just west of Maromba.