Top things to do

Museum in Vassouras

Museu Casa da Hera

Near Vassouras' tourist office, this museum displays antique hand-carved furniture and other colonial relics in the former mansion of aristocratic heiress Eufrásia Teixeira Leite. Guide Ramon Telles brings the build…
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda do Secretário

In its heyday, this sprawling 19th-century fazenda was home to half a million coffee plants. Today visitors can tour the neoclassical mansion, the finest of its kind in Brazil, with a grand European staircase, chape…
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda Cachoeira Grande

Founded by the Baron of Vassouras, Francisco José Teixeira Leite, this 19th-century coffee plantation 8km southwest of Vassouras was painstakingly restored over a period of four years in the 1990s. The historic plan…
Buffet in Vassouras

Sabor do Vale

Locals favor this per-kilo lunch place one block below the main square, with a warren of high-ceilinged rooms and a wood stove laden with comida mineira – meat, fish, rice, beans, kale and other classic fare from th…
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda Cachoeira do Mato Dentro

Prime attractions at this historic working coffee fazenda 20km northeast of Vassouras are the neoclassical mansion with its 19th-century furnishings and the jams and sweets produced onsite. Arrange visits in advance…
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda Santa Eufrásia

Dating to 1830 and enshrined as a national historic monument, this restored coffee fazenda 13km west of Vassouras displays a lovely collection of 19th-century furniture. Visits can be arranged in advance directly wi…
Cultural in Vassouras

Café, Cachaça & Chorinho

In April, Café, Cachaça & Chorinho celebrates Vassouras’ triple heritage of coffee, choro (improvised samba) music and cachaça production, with concerts and tastings throughout the region.
Cultural in Vassouras

Festival Vale do Café

For two weeks in late July, Vassouras is buzzing with more than just coffee during this annual festival. Daily concerts are scheduled, and some fazendas host dinners featuring period food and dress.
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda Mulungú Vermelho

Constructed in 1831, this historic coffee fazenda house has since been converted to a family home. With advance notice, visitors can tour the premises and enjoy afternoon tea onsite.
Plantation in Vassouras

Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte

Formed by the merger of the 19th-century São Luiz and Boa Sorte coffee fazendas, this grand estate 25km northeast of Vassouras is open to visitors with advance notice.