Seafood in Ubatuba

Terra Papagalli

This intimate restaurant along the waterfront manages to be both the least touristy and the most creative along this string of mostly carbon-copy options. A few dishes each night are served, depending on the catch (…
Seafood in Ubatuba

A Taberna

This well-regarded Portuguese-Brazilian seafooder does bacalhau (cod) 16 ways, but we are partial to the excellent seafood feijoada or the congac-braised calamari. Though the previous Portuguese owners are long gone…
Seafood in Ubatuba

Peixe com Banana

Don’t be fooled by the plastic tablecloths or the touristy seafront location. This is one of the region’s most popular seafood joints, famed for its excellent version of azul-marinho (R$118 for two), fresh fish and …