Within the district of Ubatuba there are some 74 beaches and 15 islands spread across 100km. The best two beaches in town are Vermelha do Centro (good for surfing) and Cedro (more secluded), both reachable on foot or by bike.

Regular buses run along the coastal road. Some of the best beaches south of Ubatuba include Enseada (8km), Flamengo (12km, on the Ponta do Flamengo), Sununga (13km, world-renown for skimboarding), Lázaro (16km), Domingos Dias (18km) and Vermelha do Sul (20km). The big, loud party scene is 6km south of Ubatuba at Praia Grande.

North of town, the beaches are hidden away down steep hillsides. They’re harder to find but good for boogie boarding and surfing and well worth the effort. Among the best are Vermelha do Norte (9km), Itamambuca (15km), Félix (17km), Prumirim (23km), Ubatumirim (33km) and Picinguaba (43km).

If you want to tuck yourself away for awhile on any of these, Itamambuca is recommended for nailing the equilibrium between infrastructure and preservation (it's a top surf spot as well as offering restaurants, entertaining crowds and jungly nature); and Picinguaba for those seeking understated luxury and fishing village solitude.