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Getting There & Away

From Tutóia's diminutive bus terminal a few blocks from the plaza, there are six daily buses to Parnaíba (R$20, 2½ hours) with the first bus at 5am and the last at 3pm.

It's also possible to travel through the Delta do Parnaíba to Parnaíba by boat; it requires a private hire (R$600 to R$800) so it's best to get a group together.

In the other direction there are two daily buses to Barreirinhas (R$16, two hours, 7am and noon) for the Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses.

Private vehicle transfers to Jericoacoara (R$800, six hours) and direct to Caburé (R$450 to R$500, three hours) can be organized at agencies around town.