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Getting There & Away

Hourly Aguia Azul buses connect Trancoso with Arraial d’Ajuda and the ferry dock – some continue to Porto Seguro – and run from 6am to 8:30pm (R$11, one hour). Some buses leave from the Quadrado area, but to catch most of the departures, walk inland from the Quadrado on the main road that runs in and out of town. You'll see a sign for a bus stop on a small square. From here you can also catch the twice-daily bus to Caraíva that originates in Arraial d'Ajuda (R$17, two hours). It usually arrives in Trancoso at around 8am and 4pm.

Kombi vans run the same route between Trancoso and Arraial d'Ajuda for the same price. They can be caught at the bus stop, or by flagging one down as it goes down Estrada de Trancoso.