Top things to do in Tocantins

State Park in Tocantins

Parque Estadual do Jalapão

Jalapão State Park is a 34,000-sq-km area in far eastern Tocantins, combining cerrado vegetation, hills, caves, crystalline rivers and springs, 40m-high sand dunes, waterfalls, freshwater bathing spots, odd rock for…
Brazilian in Palmas

Churrascaría Portal do Sul

Come hungry and treat yourself to the all-you-can-eat rodízio (a buffet of fresh meat) at this large place north of the plaza. The dining area won't win any awards for decor; then again, the only looking around you'…
Buffet in Palmas

Restaurante Seara

Large bustling per-kilo place that's popular with workers at nearby government offices. Welcoming service and well-prepared food; best of all it’s open until 3pm, when it seems every other self-service restaurant is…
Memorial in Palmas

Memorial Coluna Prestes

Housed in a curious white tubular structure near Palacio Araguaia, the Memorial Coluna Prestes tells the life story of Captain Luis Carlos Prestes, who led 1500 rebel soldiers against the military dictatorship in 19…
Pizza in Palmas

Don Vergilio

Popular pizzeria and per-kilo spot, open late for those nighttime munchies. Pizzas have thick roped crusts and come with both classic toppings (Margherita) and not-so-classic toppings (stroganoff, banana). There als…
Palace in Palmas

Palacio Araguaia

Built on the only hill in town, the state capitol building looks over the plaza and Palmas itself. The lobby has huge colorful mosaics and, in one corner, an impressive scale model of Praça Girossóis. No shorts or t…
Brazilian in Taquarussú

Restaurante Mandala

This restaurant is right around the corner from the plaza, on the road toward Fazenda Encantada. The fixed-plate lunch comes with pasta, rice, beans, salad, farofa (manioc flour sautéed with butter) and a choice of …
Cathedral in Palmas


Palmas' main cathedral has a modern look, with a low sloping exterior and a long interior nave. It lacks the gravitas of Brazil's older houses of worship, but is worth a quick look.
Notable Building in Palmas

Asemblea Legislativa

Tocantins' state legislature meets in this boxy yet lofty structure, with high brick and concrete spires holding up a latticework roof. It's interesting rather than beautiful.
Mall in Palmas

Palmas Shopping

A small busy mall on the south side of Praça Girossóis.