Must see restaurants in Jericoacoara

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    Top Choice

    Bistro Caiçara

    Right in the center of town, this place is a real crowd-pleaser for Chef Apolinário's more-creative-than-most menu which includes plenty of seafood:…

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    Peixe Brasileiro

    Just a few plastic tables in the sand alley where local fisherfolk grill fresh catch nightly. Pick your dinner by size from the family's peixaria …

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    Jeri's most creative dining experience is romantically lit under the shadow of a giant tamarind tree. Nearly everything is cooked in the brick oven, which…

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    Pimenta Verde

    This delightful little corner restaurant with only a few tables pumps out memorable cuisine, from octopus Provençal (best dish in Jeri?) to a divine green…

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    Gelato & Grano

    If there's one thing you'll eventually crave in this heat, it's ice cream. This wildly popular, farmhouse-chic gelato shop on the main square serves up 20…

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    Pizzaria Araxá

    Intimate Italian-owned pizzeria inside a well-to-do pousada (guesthouse) producing Jeri's best pies. All the classics are represented (margherita,…

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    Club Ventos

    Soak up the spectacular views from the cashew-tree-shaded oceanfront terrace at Jericoacoara's best por kilo eatery, then settle into a lounge chair and…

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    Tasty crepes, great açaí and fresh juices served with sea views in a breezy thatched hut right on the beach make this one of Jeri's best places to chill…

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    This is Jeri's go-to sushi spot, serving up mostly tuna, salmon, white fish, octopus, shrimp and sea bass, which is a few more varieties than you usually…

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    Padaria Santo Antônio

    A Jericoacoara classic, this bakery opens in the wee hours of the morning to provide coffee and freshly baked goods to partygoers on their way home.

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    Jeri Jú

    A bit more elegant than most of the cheap eateries, this neat family-run lunch spot serves good-value pratos ejecutivos (set meals cooked to order).