Top ChoicePark in Manaus

Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke

Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke

Spanning over 100 sq km, this 'garden' is actually the world’s largest urban forest. There's a network of five short trails (guides and closed shoes required, two to three hours, free with admission) and an...

Top ChoiceTheater in Manaus

Teatro Amazonas

Teatro Amazonas

This gorgeous theater was built at the height of the rubber boom, using European designers, decorators and even raw materials. The original driveway was Brazilian, though, made of Amazonian rubber to soften the...

Top ChoiceRiver in Manaus

Encontro das Águas

Encontro das Águas

Just beyond Manaus, the warm dark Rio Negro pours into the cool creamy Rio Solimões, but because of differences in temperature, speed and density, their waters don't mix, instead flowing side by side for several...

Museum in Manaus

Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso

Located on the grounds of a former rubber-baron estate, this museum includes tours of the historic townhouse, a replica rubber-tapper shack and smokehouse, and a leafy trail showing how rubber trees are tapped....

Nature Reserve in Manaus

Parque Ecologico Januari

As close as you'll get to experiencing a real Amazonian ecosystem on a half-day trip from Manaus, this 9000-acre park has flooded forests, giant water lilies, large trees, fishing opportunities and a smattering...

Beach in Manaus

Praia da Lua

Manaus’ best beach has fine white sand and tea-colored water, and can be coupled with a visit to the Museu do Seringal for a nice city escape. Like all river beaches, Lua is biggest when the water is low...

Zoo in Manaus

Bosque da Ciência (INPA)

Occupying a lush forest plot within the city, Bosque da Ciência (aka INPA, for the research institution that runs it) has enclosures for rescued manatees, giant otters and more. There are many smaller animals...

Market in Manaus

Mercado Municipal Adolfo Lisboa

Manaus' historic city market was inaugurated in 1882, a downscaled replica of Paris' famed Les Halles market. Safe and bustling, the central building has mostly handicraft shops, with wares ranging from...

Museum in Manaus

Palacete Provincial

The ‘Image and Sound’ center at this handsome cultural complex has a huge collection of films, including century-old documentaries by Portuguese filmmaker Silvino Santos, some of the earliest recordings of...

Museum in Manaus

Centro Cultural dos Povos da Amazônia

At the heart of this massive cultural complex is the excellent Museu do Homem do Norte (Museum of Northern Man), which contains an incredible array of artifacts and multimedia exhibits on Amazonian indigenous...

Museum in Manaus

Centro Cultural Usina Chaminé

Also known as the Museu dos Cinco Sentidos (Museum of the Five Senses), this innovative museum uses the five senses to evoke and illustrate indigenous and Caboclos life and culture. You can hear recordings of...

Museum in Manaus

Museu Amazônico

Housed in a converted mansion, the Museu Amazônico has a small but excellent collection of indigenous items and artifacts from around the Amazon, many from ongoing archaeological studies in Amazonas state.

Palace in Manaus

Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

The former home of eccentric German rubber baron Waldemar Scholz, the Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro was built in the early 1900s and served for many years as the state capital and governor's residence....

Ferry Terminal in Manaus

Porto Flutuante

Inaugurated in 1902, Manaus' 'floating port' was a technical marvel of its day, able to adjust 15m or more to seasonal water levels. (Look for high water marks on a wall facing the river.) Great river views.