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With high waterfalls, raging canyons, natural swimming pools and oasis-like stands of wine palms, the park is a popular destination for ecotourists. In fact, the whole area is beautiful, with its big skies, exotic flora and dramatic hills rising up like waves breaking across the plains.

The sublime landscape, much of it based on quartz crystal and multihued sandstone, has also attracted New Agers who have established alternative communities and a burgeoning esoturismo (alternative, new agey tourism) industry in the area. It is also noticeably well maintained – you won’t find a Skol beer can within miles.

Travelers visiting the park base themselves in one of two nearby towns: Alto Paraíso de Goiás, 38km from the park; or tiny-but-growing São Jorge, 2km from the entrance and connected to Alto Paraiso by a newly-paved road. The best time to visit the park is between April and October, before the rivers flood during the rainy season and access becomes very slippery. You’ll need two days to see the main attractions.

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