Ferry in Belém

Terminal Hidroviária

All long-distance boats leave Belém from the Terminal Hidroviária. Purchase tickets from the booths inside the terminal, or contact Amazon Star Turismo, whose multilingual attendants can book boat tickets, including…
Bus in Soure

Edgar Transporte

For transport between Camará and Soare, this professionally run shuttle service has modern, air-conditioned shuttles and confirmed reservations for just slightly more than standard service. Boat tickets, including V…
Airport in Manaus

Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes (MAO)

The Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes is 13km north of the city center. This large modern airport terminal has a tourism office (open from 7am to 11pm), ATMs, an exchange booth, an internet café and a clinic for…
Bus Station in Manaus

Long-Distance Bus Station

Manaus’s long-distance bus station is rather small and dumpy, probably a consequence of the fact that there aren’t many places you can get to by bus. It’s 6km north of town, in the same direction as the airport.
Boat in Tabatinga


Speedboats operated by AJATO leave Tabatinga for Manaus (R$420, 35 hours) on Friday mornings at 7am. The boats have airplane-style seating, TVs playing movies and meal service.
Bus in Belém


Serves Fortaleza (R$266, 24 hours, once daily), Salvador (R$360, 33 hours, three departures weekly) and Rio de Janeiro (R$550, 53 hours, four departures weekly).
Bus Station in Rio Branco

Terminal Urbano

Efficient. Tucked into an area packed with street vendors. You pay your fare at a bank of turnstiles, and buses come and go from clearly marked platforms.
Boat in Porto Velho

Agencia Moreira

One of several agencies with kiosks right at the port, selling boat passage from Porto Velho to Manaus
Ferry in Manaus

Estação Hidroviária de Manaus

Large passenger boats arrive and depart at the Estação Hidroviária de Manaus.
Bus in Guajará-Mirim

Bus Station

Taxis from the bus station into town cost R$20 to R$30; moto-taxis are R$12.