Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Alter do Chão

Araribá Cultura Indígena

Arguably the best indigenous art store in the Amazon, with items ranging from inexpensive necklaces to museum-quality masks and ceremonial costumes, and representing communities throughout the Amazon basin. Shipping…
Market in Belém

Mercado Ver-o-Peso

This is Belém's most interesting place to browse and shop, whether for long pants, lacquered piranha or anything in between. Pará has gained national attention with technobrega music, a defiantly from-the-streets ge…
Sports & Outdoors in Manaus

Comercial São Bento

One of several casas de redes (hammock shops) clustered on and around this corner; this one has a monster selection and friendly service. For riverboat trips, suitable cloth hammocks start at R$30, while larger, pre…
Arts & Crafts in Manaus

Galeria Amazônica

Right on Praça São Sebastião, this is Manaus’ top shop for genuine-article Amazonian handiwork, including gorgeous basketwork, pottery and folk art. Prices are on the high side, but so is the quality.
Market in Belém

Feira de Artesanato

A large crafts fair that has the city’s biggest range of attractive artwork, and a lot of it is homemade. It’s especially busy on Sundays.
Sports & Outdoors in Belém

Imperador das Redes

Large hammock store, with everything from light, simple hammocks to deluxe matrimonial ones with lace fringe and more (R$40 to $120).
Market in Boa Vista

Mercado Turístico

Two city blocks have been designated as pedestrian only, and are lined with stalls selling everything from handicrafts to cashew nuts.
Department Store in Manaus


This large downtown supermarket is a good place to buy batteries, rain ponchos, toiletries, etc.
Ceramics in Soure

Cerâmica Mbara-yo

This is the modest shop of ceramicist Carlos Amaral, who combines traditional Aruã and Marajoara ceramic traditions with award-winning results. You can have a short tour of the workshop to see how the pieces are mad…
Mall in Belém

Boulevard Shopping

Belém’s latest, biggest mall is a modern cement, steel and glass structure, brilliantly lit at night, and boasting top-tier clothing, electronics and department stores as well as a cinema complex.