Beer Hall in Belém

Amazon Beer

As much as Brazilians love beer, it’s can be surprisingly tough to find anything heftier than a pilsner. This award-winning brewery is an exception, with an amber ale, a Dutch witbier (wheat beer), an IPA, even a un…
Bar in Belém

Marujos Grill

Outdoor tables have nice river views at this lively but low-key bar-restaurant. There's the Torre de Chopp (Tower of Beer), a 2.5 liter silo of suds for just R$49; otherwise there's a long list of beers and cocktail…
Bar in Belém

Capital Lounge Bar

A huge Union Jack and other flags from around the world suggest an old-school English pub, but the sleek booths, creative cocktails and pulsing DJ-mixed music give this much more of a club vibe. There's restaurant s…
Bar in Tabatinga

Bar Mirador

A dead-simple Brazilian drinking den that is a spectacular spot for a cold sunset beer overlooking the Amazon. It's located about 50m up the hill from the Posto Policial (Police Post) in Barrio Dom Pedro, just south…
Bar in Belém

Bar Fiteiro

This spacious colorful bar has a fun irreverent air and a commitment to not let its customers go hungry – in fact, the bar's tagline is 'We Have Food'. There's live music most nights, often paired with special dish …
Bar in Manaus

Mao Bar

The hostel here is so-so, but the bar is super cool – a moodily lit, semi-subterranean spot on the basement level with great music and drinks and a laid-back backpacker vibe. Occasional live music and movie screenin…
Bar in Tefé


One of several small roadside restaurant-bars in a mango-tree-shaded spot known as Muralha, located just off Tefé's main drag, with open-air tables and nice river views. Food and drink service.
Bar in Manaus

Bar do Armando

Near the opera house, this is a traditional rendezvous place for Manaus’ intellectual and bohemian types, but all sorts of people crowd around the outdoor tables for beers and conversation.
Bar in Xapuri

Bebum Bar

In a park off the main plaza, this kiosk is a popular watering hole for Xapuri’s young and restless.
Bar in Porto Velho


One of several bars and restaurants clustered around this corner, drawing a mixed crowd most nights.