Top Choice Theater in Manaus

Teatro Amazonas

This gorgeous theater was built at the height of the rubber boom, using European designers, decorators and even raw materials. The original driveway was Brazilian, though, made of Amazonian rubber to soften the clat…
Top Choice Market in Belém

Estação das Docas

An ambitious renovation project converted three down-at-heel riverfront warehouses into a popular gathering spot, with restaurants, bars, shops and even an art-house theater. There are nice river views and displays …
Top Choice Park in Manaus

Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke

Spanning over 100 sq km, this 'garden' is actually the world’s largest urban forest. There's a network of five short trails (guides and closed shoes required, two to three hours, free with admission) and an open-air…
Zoo in Manaus

Bosque da Ciência (INPA)

Occupying a lush forest plot within the city, Bosque da Ciência (aka INPA, for the research institution that runs it) has enclosures for rescued manatees, giant otters and more, and many smaller animals simply roami…
Palace in Manaus

Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

The former home of eccentric German rubber baron Waldemar Scholz, the Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro was built in the early 1900s, and served for many years as the state capital and governor's residence. Con…
Museum in Manaus

Museu Amazônico

Housed in a converted mansion, the Museu Amazônico has a small but excellent collection of indigenous items and artifacts from around the Amazon, many from ongoing archaeological studies in Amazonas state.
Museum in Belém

Museu de Arte Sacra

This museum has two parts: the impressive Igreja do Santo Alexandre and the adjoining Palâcio Episcopal (Bishop’s Palace). Santo Alexandre was Belém’s first church, founded by Jesuits in the early 17th century, and …
Museum in Belém

Palácio Antonio Lemos & MABE

This rubber-boom palace served as city hall in the late 1800s, and its 2nd floor now houses the Museu de Arte de Belém. The museum has gorgeous wood floors – cloth slippers are provided – and a fine collection of st…
Hawker in Rio Branco

Mercado Velho

Not only a great place for a meal or that late-afternoon beer, Rio Branco’s refurbished riverside Mercado Velho is a favorite spot for city-sponsored cultural events, including live music, dance performances, poetry…
Memorial in Rio Branco

Memorial dos Autonomistas

In its spiffy home on the main plaza, the Memorial dos Autonomistas has a permanent display on Acre’s battle for statehood, plus space for rotating art exhibits. It's also where José Guiomard dos Santos is buried; t…