Top things to do in Teresópolis

Top Choice National Park in Teresópolis

Parque Nacional Serra dos Órgaos – Teresópolis Entrance

About 6km south of Teresópolis, off the BR-116 Rio–Teresópolis highway, you'll find the main (and most accessible) entrance to magnificent Parque Nacional Serra dos Órgaos, which offers some of Brazil's most dramati…
Top Choice Grill in Teresópolis

Linguiça do Padre

Don’t miss this local favorite beside a rushing river just off the Teresópolis–Friburgo highway. The menu ranges from linguiça (spicy Portuguese sausage) sandwiches (R$8) to substantial meals featuring trout, picanh…
Beer Garden in Teresópolis

Vila St Gallen

Brazilian waitstaff in faux Swiss-German attire sling the city's famed Therezópolis beer at this cavernous beer hall, built to celebrate the brewery's centennial in 2012. Weekend patrons spill into the adjacent beer…
French in Teresópolis

Restaurante Crémerie

If you weren't expecting a French restaurant with its own small-scale dairy in Rio's back yard, think again! Hidden 1km off the main road up a bumpy dirt track, this verdant hideaway produces its own goat cheese and…
International in Teresópolis

Taberna Alpina

The Taberna’s cozy interior, sporting rustic log walls and wooden benches with heart-shaped cutouts, is reminiscent of the Alps. So is the menu, featuring German sausages, brown bread, goulash, smoked pork, potato s…
Viewpoint in Teresópolis

Colina dos Mirantes

Colina dos Mirantes, in the southern suburb of Fazendinha, is an especially good place to view the city and its mountain backdrop. On clear days you can see as far as Rio’s Pão de Açúcar and the Baía de Guanabara.
Food & Drinks in Teresópolis

Queijaria Suiça

This Swiss cheese factory sits adjacent to a small museum tracing two centuries of Swiss culture in the Friburgo area.
Church in Teresópolis

Igreja Matriz de Santa Tereza

Dominating Teresópolis' central square, this Gothic-style stone church is a convenient downtown landmark.