Teresópolis restaurants

Top Choice Grill in Teresópolis

Linguiça do Padre

Don’t miss this local favorite beside a rushing river just off the Teresópolis–Friburgo highway. The menu ranges from linguiça (spicy Portuguese sausage) sandwiches (R$8) to substantial meals featuring trout, picanh…
French in Teresópolis

Restaurante Crémerie

If you weren't expecting a French restaurant with its own small-scale dairy in Rio's back yard, think again! Hidden 1km off the main road up a bumpy dirt track, this verdant hideaway produces its own goat cheese and…
International in Teresópolis

Taberna Alpina

The Taberna’s cozy interior, sporting rustic log walls and wooden benches with heart-shaped cutouts, is reminiscent of the Alps. So is the menu, featuring German sausages, brown bread, goulash, smoked pork, potato s…