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Today the city’s principal attraction is the surrounding landscape and its natural treasures, most notably Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos, whose trails, waterfalls and mountain peaks beckon just 6km south of the city center. The Dedo de Deus (God’s Finger) is the town symbol, a dramatic rock spire visible from all over town.

Teresópolis's Comary neighborhood has long been the training base of Brazil’s national football squad; you can still occasionally catch a glimpse of the team practicing here in town.

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Rio de Janeiro Wilderness (6 Days) - The 'Brazilian Yosemite' Trekking

:: Rio de Janeiro Wilderness (6 Days) - The 'Brazilian Yosemite' Trekking Expedition Experience ::Day 1: Rio de Janeiro City (hotel Pick-up) x Petrópolis Headquarters x Açu Castles Camp Hiking distance: 08kmOvernight mode: Camping Day 2: Açu Castles Camp x Pedra do Sino Camp  Hiking distance: 10kmOvernight mode: Camping Day 3: Pedra do Sino Camp x Teresópolis Headquarters x Teresópolis tour x Overnightt (12 km)Hiking distance: 12kmOvernight mode: Hostel at Teresópolis City Day 4: Teresópolis City x Três Picos Park (Trasnfer) x God's Valley camp x Dragon Head Peak Hiking distance: 05kmOvernight mode: Camp at God's ValleyDay 5:  God's Valley camp x 'Caixa de Fósforos' Peak x God's Valley campHiking distance: 05kmOvernight mode: Camp at God's ValleyDay 6:  God's Valley camp x Frades Valley x Rio de Janeiro (Trasnfer)Hiking distance: 06kmOvernight mode: -At the end of the first expedition (Petrópois x Teresópolis) on the 3rd day, we will meet the beautiful city of Teresópolis which is the city that hosts the Brazilian Soccer Team at Granja Comary the training place, we will visit and then we will have a good Brazilian lunch with barbecue and we will have the night free to rest in lodge waiting for the adventure at the Three Peaks Park at te next day (day 4). • if you don't have any Mandatory Itens, just contact after booking.  • Our Rio de Janeiro Wilderness Trekking Expedition begins and finish at you hosting at Rio de Janeiro City.

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Pedra do Sino Trekking - 02 days - Serra dos Órgãos - Rio de Janeiro

:: Pedra do Sino Trekking Expedition in 02 days - Rio de Janeiro :: Day 1: Rio de Janeiro City (hotel Pick-up) x Teresópolis Headquarters x Shelter 4  The expedition begins at the headquarters of the Serra dos Órgãos National Park in Teresópolis city We will walk by the lower part of the park until entering the trail that will take us to the Pedra do Sino Peak. During the ascent we cross two waterfalls where the highlight is the Veil of the Bride of Teresópolis with 16 meters of height. Upon arriving at Shelter 4 we will set up our camping for overnight. We can make an attack on the Pedra do Sino Peak to enjoy a great sunset or rest.Hiking distance: 14kmOvernight mode: Camping at the Shelter 4 (Pedra do Sino base)Meals: DinnerDay 2: Pedra do Sino Summit x Teresópolis Headquarters x Transport Back to Rio   We will wake up early for a nocturnal attack to the summit of Pedra do Sino (or the 'Pedra da Baleia') to enjoy the beautifull sunrise with visual for all Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Bay and Tijuca Forest. The morning will be free time to enjoy the camping and explore the surrounding area. Pico do Papudo is a good request! We will raise camp and return to the porterhouse of the headquarters of Teresópolis.Hiking distance: 13 kmOvernight mode: -Meals: Breakfast