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Brazilian in Tefé

Restaurante Stylo

The most reliable eatery in the center, with hefty, well-prepared dishes served at outdoor tables right on the street corner. The menu includes all the standard fish, meat and chicken dishes, plus a few less-common …
Brazilian in Tefé

Restaurante Grãu de Mostardo

Terrific per kilo restaurant, with a breezy open air dining room on the second floor, and an air-conditioned area above that. High quality food and friendly service make it popular with locals and visitors alike. Se…
Pizza in Tefé

Pizzaria Varandas

Bright welcoming pizzeria, with classic checkered table settings, both inside and along the sidewalk. You can order up to three different topping combinations on a single pizza, including dessert toppings such as ba…
Bar in Tefé


One of several small roadside restaurant-bars in a mango-tree-shaded spot known as Muralha, located just off Tefé's main drag, with open-air tables and nice river views. Food and drink service.
Self-Serve in Tefé

Restaurant Ki-Papo

Friendly low-key per-kilo place with good food and an amazing panoramic view of Lago de Tefé. A short walk east of the center, but well worth it.