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Getting There & Away

The majority of tourists, especially those without cars, visit Tamandaré on a day trip from Porto de Galinhas. Traveling independently, you need to take a bus from Galinhas to Ipojuca, and another from there to Tamandaré. Approaching Tamandaré, most buses pass the turnoffs to the accommodations and restaurants along Praia dos Carneiros, 500m to 1km off the road. Some are signposted.

Viação Cruzeiro runs buses to Tamandaré (R$15.50, three hours) from southern Av Dantas Barreto in central Recife at 7am, 10am, 2pm and 5:40pm Monday to Saturday, and 7:30am Sunday.

Moto-taxis cost R$7 to R$10 and taxis R$30 between Tamandaré and Praia dos Carneiros.