Much of the accommodation in this part of the Pantanal is along the road called Estrada Parque, while there are also high-end hotel-fazendas around Aquidauana and Miranda.

Estrada Parque

Estrada Parque runs off the main Campo Grande–Corumbá road (Hwy BR-262) at Buraco das Piranhas, 72km from Corumbá and 324km from Campo Grande. The first stretch of Estrada Parque penetrates 47km into the Pantanal, before it doglegs back toward Corumbá. Parts of this road can be flooded even during the dry season.

To get to the Estrada Parque you can take the Campo Grande–Corumbá bus and arrange for your lodge to pick you up (for a small fee) at the Buraco das Piranhas intersection.