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Water Sports

25 minutes of pure ADRENALINE - GOLDFIELDS JET

As the sole operator on the lower end of the Kawarau Gorge, you enter the best of both worlds during your 25 minute adrenaline rush, navigate the shallow, braided waters of the Bannockburn arm before heading up stream through the narrow Kawarau Gorge to the base of the Staircase Rapids. Our nimble 13 - 17 seat boats ensures you feel it all with purpose built big block V8s packing over 550 horse power combined with multiple full 360 spins, you wont look anywhere else. Experience the best!
25 minutes
Day Trips & Excursions

South Island tour

Art village visit Dry forest visit 3 differents white sand beaches for snorkeling Rum factory visit and rum tasting
5 hours