Shoes in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Galeria Melissa

This temple to high-end plastic footwear offers bold and unique designs by an international potpourri of creative folk like Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid and Karim Rasheed. But it is as notable for its consistently …
Swimwear in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Salinas Off

Always dreamed of hitting the beach wearing virtually nothing? Salinas is one of the country's trendiest bikini brands. Pick up last year's collections on the cheap at this outlet-style location, where two-pieces ru…
Books in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Livraria Cultura

Spread out over three stores on the ground floor of the Conjunto Nacional building, this is hands-down the city’s best bookstore. There is a large selection of both English-language books and travel guides, plus a p…
Clothing in Centro & Around

Galeria do Rock

This seven-floor shopping center is an anthropologically fascinating gathering point for São Paulo’s underground communities, from punks to goths to metal heads. Shops are divided amongst three concepts: Art, Music …
Shoes in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Espaço Havaianas

You will find flip-flops in every imaginable design and hue – and at quite reasonable prices – at the flagship store for Brazil’s favorite beach footwear, boldly designed by Isay Weinfeld.
Mall in São Paulo

Shopping JK Iguatemi

South America's most luxurious high-end shopping mall is worth a stroll for the sheer opulence of it all and some very good restaurants.
Mall in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Shopping Frei Caneca

Relatively modest in size, Shopping Frei Caneca is nevertheless fully equipped with food court, cinema and good midrange shops.
Antiques in Pinheiros, Vila Madalena & Around

Feira Benedito Calixto

Open-air market for handicrafts, antiques and food stalls Sunday, plus live chorinho in the afternoon.
Arts & Crafts in Centro & Around

Feira da República

This open-air market specializes in handicrafts and painting.