Tourist Information

São Paulo Turismo (aka SPTuris) is the official São Paulo tourist board, which offers a well-done trilingual website (in Portuguese, Spanish and English; in coordination with city hall. They also run several tourist information booths known as Central de Informação Turística (C.I.Ts) strategically placed around the city. Also look out for their mobile vans and Segways, known as C.I.T.s Móveis, which park at Parque Trianon on Av Paulista, and near Portão 10 at Parque Ibirapuera, among other locations, on various days and hours.

In Portuguese, you can pick up a Guia da Folha at any newsstand for reviews of the city’s dining, entertainment and nightlife options (also available at The weekly magazine Veja São Paulo ( also has listings in Portuguese and is the best for up-to-date restaurant reviews. Time Out no longer publishes but does have a bilingual website with past databased listings (

Useful C.I.T. offices include Av Paulista, Praça da República, Rodoviário Tietê and Congonhas Airport.