São Paulo’s dining scene is one of the best in the southern hemisphere. Famous fawned-over chefs such as Alex Atala from D.O.M., Helena Rizzo of Maní and Ivan Ralston from Tuju have given contemporary Brazilian cuisine a world stage. Must-eats around town include regional standouts (especially comida Nordestino; Northeastern cuisine) and an incredible bounty of ethnic eats such as Japanese, Middle Eastern (many Syrian refugees have opened restaurants) and Italian.

Reservation Apps

TheFork (www.thefork.com.br) and Restorando (https://sao-paulo.restorando.com.br) are the most common real-time restaurant reservation services.


For the frugal, there are the ubiquitous lanchonetes – corner bars offering beer to the thirsty and, for the hungry, full meals for between R$15 and $25 (look for chalkboard prato feito offerings).