Real (R$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than R$300

● Dorm bed: R$50–60

● Double room in budget pousada: R$150–170

Prato feito (daily dish) in local restaurant: R$15–25

● Daily bus & metro pass: R$20.50

Midrange: R$300–600

● Double room in a midrange hotel: R$200–300

● Lunch and dinner in trendy restaurants: R$50–100

● Admission to museums: R$25–35

● Uber from airport to Jardins: R$65

Top end: More than R$600

● Double room in top-end boutique hotel: R$1500–2500

● Meal at gourmet restaurant: R$150–300

● Tickets to São Paulo Symphony Orchestra: R$50–222


A little bargaining for hotel rooms should become second nature. Before you agree to take a room, ask for a better price: ‘Tem desconto?’ (Is there a discount?) and ‘Pode fazer um melhor preço?’ (Can you give a better price?) are the phrases to use. There’s sometimes a discount for paying à vista (cash).

You should also bargain when shopping in markets. And if you’re about to ride in unmetered taxis, be sure to agree on the price before departing.


ATMs are widely available throughout the city. Bradesco and Banco do Brasil are feeless and the most foreign-friendly. Note that most are closed from 10pm to 6am for security reasons. Always use ATMs inside banks to avoid cloning.