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Getting There & Away

Expresso Cabral runs six daily buses from Monday to Saturday from Natal’s Rodoviária Nova to Gostoso (R$18, two to three hours, 6:15am, 9:45am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 3:15pm and 4:45pm); the 6:15am and 2:30pm departures go express via BR-101, which is a significantly shorter trip. On Sundays, departures from Natal are at 7:15am, 2:15pm and 4:45pm.

Taxis from Aeroporto de Natal should cost around R$230, while a buggy along the beach costs R$1000.

Westbound public transportation is nonexistent, so if you are heading on to Galos and Galinhos, you'll either need to fork out for a buggy along the beach or head back through Natal.