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Top Choice Buffet in São Luís

Restaurante Senac

Showpiece for the São Luis branch of Brazil's best-known cooking school, this place gets packed at lunchtimes for its superb all-you-can-eat buffet, which includes a big salad bar and eight or 10 hot meat and seafoo…
Seafood in São Luís

A Varanda

The lush patio and excellent fish, shrimp and beef dishes make up for the slow service at this restaurant set in its owner's home. It's 4km east of the historic center: take a 'Vicente Fiaro' or 'Santa Clara' bus fr…
Buffet in São Luís


This place sets out a decent-quality buffet in a tall barnlike space with colorful art and murals.
Buffet in São Luís

Naturista Alimentos

This legitimate vegetarian buffet is a real treat for vegetarians who have been surviving on cheese sandwiches.
Bakery in São Luís

Padaria Valéry

A relaxingly informal café with decent coffee, French breads and pastries.
Live Music in São Luís

Bar do Nelson

With its shanty clubhouse feel, Bar do Nelson is the most famous reggae spot in town, and it's good for live music and dancing. A second location has opened among the lively bars of Rua da Trapiche in the historic c…
Museum in São Luís

Casa de Nhôzinho

At the eclectic and fascinating Casa do Nhôzinho, you can see a collection of ingenious fish traps, rooms of Maranhão indigenous artisanry, and hosts of colorful, delicate Bumba Meu Boi figurines made by the 20th-ce…
Cathedral in São Luís

Igreja da Sé

São Luís' 17th-century cathedral looks along Av Dom Pedro II from its top end. Inside are ceiling frescoes decorated with babaçu motifs and a fine baroque altar.
Museum in São Luís

Museu Histórico e Artístico do Estado de Maranhão

In a restored 1836 mansion, the Museu Histórico e Artístico is set out as it might have been in days of yore, displaying all the furnishings, valuables and everyday belongings of an upper-class 19th-century family –…
Palace in São Luís

Palácio dos Leões

The Palácio dos Leões is the state governor’s palace, built in the 18th century on the site of the original French fort. It contains a wealth of valuable antique furnishings and art, mostly French from the 18th and …