Getting Around

Coopertaxi operates taxis from the airport. Drivers are not likely to use a meter (or even to have one) but official prices are posted in the arrivals hall dispatch booth. A ride to the centro histórico costs R$53.

From the bus station, taxis run between R$40 to R$50. Traffic on the main roads in and out of São Luís is so heavy that this can take up to an hour.

Bus 901 (São Cristóvão Aeroporto) runs between the airport – just outside the terminal and to the left – and Praça Deodoro, which is about 1km east of most of the centro histórico accommodations; note this is not a safe option at night. Between the bus station and the Terminal Praia Grande take the Socarrão II–Rodoviária bus.

Local bus fares are R$2.70 or R$3.10 and can be paid in cash upon boarding.