Top things to do in Santo Ângelo

Top Choice Cafe in Santo Ângelo

Kemper’s Haus

This decadent cafe and chocolataria makes for a mighty fine stop for a sweet treat (we're partial to the Italian merengue and doce de leite–topped Avenida Briefing brownie), espresso or a small but excellent menu of…
Church in Santo Ângelo

Catedral Angelopolitana

A homage to São Miguel Arcanjo, this 1929 sandstone church dominates the plaza with its intriguing mix of baroque, Renaissance and Guarani architecture and Valentim Von Adamovich's sculptures honoring the patrons of…
Craft Beer in Santo Ângelo

Armazém Coruja

Count on Santa Catarina brews like Cerveja Coruja, Saint Bier and Barco as well select local suds on the four taps at Santo Ângelo's most intimate bar, a small but cozy affair with dimmed basket lighting.
Museum in Santo Ângelo

Museu Municipal Dr José Olavo Machado

A small but well-done municipal museum housing several rooms of historical artifacts (including an epic accounting machine), agricultural tools, sculpture and pottery. It also includes a scale model of the last of t…
Churrascaria in Santo Ângelo

Churrascaria do Chico

We're not sure what's more difficult, finding a restaurant open for Sunday lunch or finding a seat at the one that is! But everybody's favorite restaurant in town is good for any meal, with a range of buffet and bar…
Brazilian in Santo Ângelo


The town's de facto pub and community gossip center, Quick also does food: a hearty lunchtime buffet until 2pm and an extensive meat, chicken and pizza-heavy late-night menu. It’s simple food, but prepared with hone…