Santarém has some terrific places to eat, with excellent street food to go with the sit-down restaurants. Either way, you're never far from the water. Don't miss the much-loved Amazonian soup, tacacá.

Street Food: Tacacá

Mention tacacá to any person from the Brazilian Amazon, and you may see them drool. Originally a dish from indigenous communities, it's a glutinous broth made from wild manioc, small yellow peppers, dried shrimp and jambu (a local flowering herb). It's a particular favorite in Santarém; drink it steaming hot from a bowl between the hours of 4pm and 7pm as a precursor to the main meal. Our favorite tacacá is served at Quiosque da Praça – eat it here and you're halfway to being a local – and they also serve it at Massabor.