Museum in Santarém

Museu Dica Frazão

Dona Dica Frazão has spent three-quarters of a century making clothing and fabrics from natural fibers, including grasses and wood pulp. Approaching 100 years old and lately confined to a wheelchair, she's still at …
Museum in Santarém

Museu de Santarém

Housed in a large yellow waterfront mansion, this museum is also known as the Centro Cultural João Fona, after the Pará artist who painted the frescoes on its interior walls. It features, among other things, an exce…
Zoo in Santarém


Enclosures are rather desultory at this animal rehabilitation center, but creatures are not intended to stay for long. Friendly guides lead interesting tours (one to two hours), with up-close viewing of pumas, manat…
Historic Site in Santarém


Henry Ford briefly moved his Fordlândia operations here in the 1940s and this site, 40km from Santarém, makes for an easy day trip. There's a small museum of Ford-era photos and artifacts, a small grove of rubber tr…
Viewpoint in Santarém

Praça Mirante do Tapajós

This pleasant oval-shaped plaza and vista point has two open-air eateries and nice river views. An observation tower affords an even better view, including of Santarém's own 'meeting of the waters'. Look for a set o…
Church in Santarém

Igreja Matriz

Facing Praça da Matriz, the city's pretty blue-painted church dates from 1761. Its predecessor church, made of palm fronds in 1661, was Santarém's first building.
Church in Santarém


A local church.