Top things to do in Salvaterra

Beach in Salvaterra

Praia Grande

Praia Grande is, as the name suggests, a big beach: it's a long wide swath of golden-brown sand about 500m south of Salvaterra proper. A slew of beach restaurants perched on stilts overlook the first section of the …
Brazilian in Salvaterra

Pousada Bosque dos Aruãs

True, dishes like fish with shrimp sauce or breaded buffalo steak can be had anywhere on the island, but the food and presentation at this pousada are surprisingly refined and well worth the somewhat higher prices. …
Seafood in Salvaterra

Restaurante Umuarama

This low-key, open-air restaurant serves shrimp, fish and buffalo dishes during the daytime and pizza at night. Located a short walk from Praia Grande, this is a popular and less-expensive alternative to restaurants…