Dining out is a delight in Salvador. Traditional Bahian cuisine has a heavy African influence, featuring ingredients like coconut cream, tomato, seafood, bell pepper and spices of ginger, hot peppers and coriander. You'll also find cuisines from many other nationalities well represented.


The Pelourinho is packed with restaurants; some feel uncomfortably touristy, while others are wonderfully charming. Be aware that sidewalk seating, while allowing unparalleled people-watching opportunities, makes you an easy target for salespeople and children asking for money.

Cidade Baixa

In the Comércio, cheap lanchonetes (snack bars) and self-service restaurants abound. For something more memorable, head south along the bay, where there are several fine (if expensive) restaurants with views over the water.

Barra & Coastal Suburbs

Budget-minded travelers will find plenty of self-serve restaurants, sandwich shops, tapioca stands and supermarkets in Barra.